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Financial Fitness Review

The Financial Review involves 8-10 hours of our time for research and analysis.  We answer three of your financial questions and have one two-hour meeting to discuss.

We will give you a summary of the review that includes written recommendations. The review is an excellent way to begin the financial planning process and receive immediate answers to your most pressing questions. It also gives you the opportunity to experience our services without making a long-term commitment. The cost of the Financial Review is $750 to $1,500 based on the complexity of your situation. We are committed to providing value that exceeds our fee.

The first half of the fee is due at the start of the process, and the second half is paid at the end. No tax preparation or investment implementation is included in the Financial Review.

If you decide that ongoing planning services are warranted and you wish to upgrade to the Comprehensive Plan option, you will receive a credit for any fees paid for the Financial Review during the last six months.