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Financial Planning You Can Trust

For Secure Retirements & Life Transitions

Our mission at Rand Financial Planning, LLC
is to help our clients attain a secure financial future and financial peace of mind.

Are you facing a transition in your life?

Maybe you have questions about whether you will run out of money in retirement, or how you will handle your finances without your spouse or what to do with inherited money without any experience with investing.  This is the time when you need a trusted financial advisor to walk through this challenging time with you.

We focus on your goals and work with all aspects of your life to build a solid financial plan that will protect you in the future. 

You can rest easy knowing you have access to professional financial guidance when the unexpected arises or when you simply have a question.

HOW we're different

Rand Financial Planning is a fee-only, comprehensive financial planning firm that offers personalized advice and hands-on implementation. We do not sell any products nor do we receive any  commissions which means our advice is trustworthy. Also, we are fiduciaries, meaning our complete focus is on what is best for you. At Rand Financial Planning, we are dedicated to working in your best interest.   Learn more

Fee-only and Fiduciary...Why Does This Matter?

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