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Independent Financial Advisor Offering Tax-Efficient Retirement Planning in Northern and Central New Jersey

Rand Financial Planning is a fee-only independent financial firm based in Flemington, New Jersey, and serving pre-retirees and retirees in Somerset County, Hunterdon County, Morris County, and beyond.

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Who We Are

We are an independent, fiduciary, fee-only financial planning firm based in New Jersey. Our mission is to serve as your trusted advisor to help you make smart choices about money - choices that lead to peace of mind and financial independence. Marjorie L. Rand, CPA, CFP®, RICP® (Marge) founded Rand Financial Planning, LLC in 2018 and serves clients not only in Flemington, NJ but throughout our great country. 

We are intentionally a small firm because we take pride in giving our clients personalized service and exceptional value. This means you will work only with Marge Rand, the sole financial advisor of our firm. Our desire is to develop a personal relationship with our clients that will last many years. You won't be just a number at our firm

Katie Ressa is our friendly office administrator who is always willing to help you any way she can. Marge’s dog, Rangeley, comes to the office every day and enjoys greeting our clients. Of course, if anyone is not comfortable being around dogs, Rangeley is happy to sleep in her crate during our meetings.

Who We Serve

While we serve clients with a variety of wealth management needs, we have developed unique expertise in helping clients who are approaching retirement, in retirement, widows and those who received an inheritance. Our clients are conscientious savers and have accumulated at least 1.5 million in retirement savings. They have a long-term focus when it comes to investing and understand that financial success is about making the right financial decisions over time than about "beating the market" or chasing after the latest best performing mutual fund. They understand the value in having a relationship with a trusted financial advisor is that they have someone who can help prepare and guide them through the financial challenges life brings. 

What We Do

Peace of mind comes from attention to all aspects of your financial life. We help you by building and maintaining a comprehensive financial plan that includes everything from investments and cash flow to insurance and legacy planning. We recognize that reducing income taxes is a major concern for most people because it is often their largest expense, especially in retirement. Marge brings to the table decades of experience in tax planning to ensure our clients minimize their tax burden by creating a low cost, tax efficient portfolio. Having a foundational financial plan in place is essential, but implementing and maintaining the plan is crucial to it's success, which is why we feel our clients receive the most value through an ongoing relationship with us.  Our goal is to continue to protect and grow your wealth so you can have confidence and financial peace of mind now and throughout your retirement years. 

How We Do It

What does comprehensive tax-efficient retirement financial planning look like? They say a picture is worth a thousand words. 

This chart gives you an overall idea of the areas we cover. We address your most pressing financial concerns and needs first and from there, go through the other areas that are pertinent to your unique situation. We will have meetings every six weeks until your foundational plan is established. These meetings can be either in our Flemington, NJ office or virtual using Zoom. 

Rand Financial Planning Ongoing Process

Once your foundational plan is in place, we will have proactive meetings every six months, with additional meetings added as needed to update your financial plan, address any new concerns that arise, implement tax planning strategies and make adjustments to your investment portfolio. You can also schedule additional in-office, online or phone appointments with us at any time at no additional cost.

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