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Financial Advisor in Flemington, NJ Serving Widows & Widowers

Financial Planning for Widows & Widowers

Creating a new future after loss is one of the most challenging parts of life and the last thing a surviving spouse wants to think about is what to do with finances.  Marge is honored to have worked with many widows over the years, handling the settlement of their spouse's estate and helping them move forward on their own. Her strong estate and income tax background enables her to provide insight and make recommendations that can really help as widows and widowers adjust to a new future.  If you or someone you know has lost a loved one and needs financial guidance, please reach out.  Based in Flemington, NJ, Marge serves clients throughout the United States.

Below are some helpful resources:


Presentation:  Tax Planning Opportunities for Widows

It goes without saying that the loss of your spouse is a devastating emotional experience. And while I encourage widows and widowers to not make big decisions in the first year following their spouse’s death, there are very important tax considerations to address right away.  This presentation covers seven tax planning opportunities that widows need to consider shortly after the death of a spouse. If you recently lost your spouse or are watching this video to prepare ahead, you will find extremely valuable information here.


A Checklist to Help Prepare Financially for Widowhood

Are you prepared financially for widowhood? I want to share with you a few practical steps you can take to make the financial transition easier.


5 Crucial Steps to Take Now to Prepare Your Spouse Financially for Your Death

Are you prepared financially for widowhood?  Learn practical steps you can make to make the transition easier.

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5 Caveats For New Widows to Help Avoid Costly Mistakes

If you or someone you know are recently widowed, please be aware of these 5 warnings to help avoid costly mistakes.

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