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Our Services

What financial concerns do you have?

  • "Will I run out of money in retirement?"
  • "How will I handle my finances without my spouse?"
  • "I recently inherited money, but I don't have any experience with investing.  What do I do?"

We are here to help you. Below is a menu of our service options:

1. Comprehensive Plan

RFP's Comprehensive involves an ongoing relationship that takes advantage of the full range of our services. Our clients can meet or speak to us as often as is necessary to help you make important decisions and accomplish your financial goals.  Learn More

2. Investment Project

A series of three meetings of 90 minutes each. This service focuses on your investment portfolio, which investments to keep, which ones to sell and how to manage your portfolio on an ongoing basis.  Learn More

3. Financial Fitness Review

The Financial Fitness Review involves 8-10 hours of our time for research and analysis.  We answer your top three financial questions and have one two-hour meeting to discuss.  It is the best introduction to Rand Financial Planning.  Learn More

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