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General Resources

Webinar Replay:  5 Estate Planning Essentials

Many of us feel some anxiety about the state of our estate planning and may not be sure of the things we should be doing. In this webinar, I hope to help you understand the urgency of getting certain documents set up, whether you are doing it for the first time, or updating them.  Watch the replay of our webinar to learn important estate planning measures to have in place.


Recordkeeping:  What To Keep and For How Long?

Papers piling up?  Wondering if you should throw some away? Here is a list of records to keep and for how long.

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20 Minutes to Savvy Cybersecurity

There is a growing "Cybersecurity Knowledge Gap".  Many don't realize how vulnerable they are or what they can do to maximize their security online.  As a financial planner, I help my clients be proactive to help fight against these threats that can derail their financial plan. This presentation explains 5 important tactics you can use to stay safer online.


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