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Fee-Only, Comprehensive
Financial Planning Services 

How We're Different

Rand Financial Planning, LLC is a fee-only, comprehensive financial planning firm that offers personalized advice and hands-on implementation to help you attain a secure financial future and financial peace of mind.  

No Product Sales

No Custody



We don't sell any products nor do we receive any commissions. This means we are on your side and only your side. We are also fiduciaries which means our focus is on what is best for you.
You retain complete control over your investments at all times.Together, we design an all-encompassing strategy that takes into account every aspect of your finances.  We will create a holistic financial plan which works with all aspects of your financial life.Your goals and values are the foundation on which your personal financial plan is built. Everything is coordinated so you can achieve your goals while remaining true to your values

How Rand Financial Planning, LLC stands out from the rest...

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